Writing to get in touch with His Holiness the Pope is not complicated at all, if it is done through the official channels. There are indeed plenty of web pages and social profiles that are not recognized as official pages of the Vatican State.

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on the 17th December 1936, has been the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church and Bishop of Rome and 8th Sovereign of the Vatican City State since the 13th March 2013, and from that day on has decided to keep up with the times and stay in touch with all his worshippers, especially the young ones.

His Holiness Pope Francis personal email address or public phone number are not available, but the Pope owns several multi-language Twitter Accounts and one Instagram account with more than 8 million followers in Italy only; His accounts are visited every day by thousands and thousands of worshippers from all over the world.

It is obviously understandable that the Pope is unable to answer millions of tweets and followers personally. The best possible way to get in touch with Him is to send Him a letter to the Vatican, e.g. to wish Him happy Pontificate anniversary (13th March), happy Name Day (4th October), happy birthday (17th December), or send Him a poem, ask for advice, tell Him about personal drama or trouble and other private matters, or have the chance to meet Him by applying for a free ticket to attend a General Audience or a Liturgical Celebration, or to attend mass at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, i.e. Saint Martha Church, the residence of His Holiness Pope Francis, or to apply for an Apostolic Blessing on Parchment.

how to send a letter to Pope Francis

How to communicate with POPE FRANCIS and send a letter to His Holiness directly online with LetteraSenzaBusta?

  FILL IN THE ONLINE CONTACT FORM according to your needs or requests
  SIGN UP FOR FREE on by entering your personal data 
  SEND YOUR LETTER ONLINE via Certified Self-Mailer Registered Mail with return receipt 
  PAY ONLINE via Paypal, by credit card, by prepaid card, by online bank transfer


What are the advantages of sending a personal letter or a particular request to POPE FRANCIS with a Certied Self-Mailer Registered Mail? 

 EVERYTHING ONLINE IN A FEW MINUTES, without leaving your PC or tablet (signature included) and without having to queue at the post office. 
 FULL LEGAL VALUE because the paper Certified Sel-Mailer Registered Mail sent by traditional mail is a faithful copy of the digital original letter which was created online.
 SAFE AND RELIABLE METHOD because we send up to 3 pages in A4 size in a single file, of course without any envelope; this way His Holiness Pope Francis’ office won’t risk to misplace any sheet of paper.


What to write to the POPE on the online letter to be sent by the LetteraSenzaBusta service?

  Birthday Wishes letter, or reflections or personal request letter 
  apply for free tickets to attend a General Audience or a Liturgical Celebration
  apply to attend a Holy Mass in the Saint Martha Church 
  apply for the Apostolic Blessing on Parchment


How much does it cost to send a letter to the POPE to the Vatican City?

If you sent a Registrered Mail with return receipt to the Vatican City:

From USA it costs more than 19 USD
From CANADA it costs more than 23 CAD
From AUSTRALIA it costs more than 27 AUD


How much is the cost of sending POPE FRANCIS a letter directly online and sending an advance copy by fax? 

  starting from just Euro 9,62 you can send a Certified Self-Mailer Registered Mail with return receipt (delivered to the Vatican City within 4 – 7 working days)

  starting from just Euro 1,00 in addition to the Certified Self-Mailer Registered Mail cost, you can send an advance copy of your letter to Pope Francis by FAX. 




Write and send a personal letter or a best wishes message to His Holiness Pope Francis

Write and send your personal letter to Pope Francis using the online text editor or by attaching a PDF document.
You can write and send up to 3 pages.

Note Well: do not forget that His Holiness celebrates his Pontificate anniversary on the 13th March, his Name Day on the 4th October and his birthday on the 17th December, and if you wish to send him a letter for one if these occasions you need to send it at least 5 days before the dates mentioned above, to avoid any delay! 

► CLICK HERE to send a personal letter or a best wishes message to the Pope to the Vatican State

Apply to book free tickets to attend a General Audience and/or a Liturgical Celebration held by His Holiness Pope Francis

The application form to book the free tickets to attend the events held by the Holy Father Pope Francis, must be used to book your own attendance or the attendance of a group of people at a General Audience and/or Liturgical Celebration.

You need to write the date of the General Audience or Liturgical Celebration you wish to attend, the number of tickets you apply for, your personal data and the name of the group if necessary.

CLICK HERE to view the scheduled General Audiences and Liturgical Celebrations presided over by His Holiness Pope Francis.

Tickets for all Audiences are issued free of charge and must be collected at the dedicated Office located at the Bronze Door (under the right-hand colonnade in St Peter's Square) starting from the Tuesday preceding the selected Audience, between 3pm and 7pm, or on the morning of the audience starting from 7:30am. 
Tickets for all Ceremonies are issued free of charge as well, and must be collected from the Pontifical Swiss Guards located at the Bronze Door (under the right-hand colonnade in St Peter's Square), starting from the day preceding the Ceremony from 9am to 7pm. 

► CLICK HERE to apply to book free tickets to attend a General Audience and/or a Liturgical Celebration held by His Holiness Pope Francis

Apply to attend mass in Domus Sanctae Marthae – Church of Saint Martha celebrated by His Holiness Pope Francis

Whoever wishes to attend mass and meet His Holiness Pope Francis in person needs to fill in the application form to attend a Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in Domus Sanctae Marthae, the Church of Saint Martha; this is possible from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 am at the chapel of Saint Martha's House, the residence chosen by the Pope.

Please note that the chapel is very small; there are 50 seats available and about half of the seats are reserved on a rotating basis for priests from one of the many parishes of the Diocese of Rome, whose Bishop is the Holy Father, and for some of the diocese’s worshippers. 
The seats left per day are 25 only, and are available for the worshippers who apply for them; please be advised that everyday thousands of applications are sent from all over the world and that the waiting lists are often long.

The selection criteria to accept the applications are totally random and it does no longer help to have connections or influential acquaintances with high-ranking members of the church.

Note Well: please be advised that it is almost impossible to book a specific date and that if a date is approved, you need to accept the date proposed by the office; you will receive a letter with the reply and it will serve as a pass to get to Saint Martha's House. The meeting time is between 6.30 and 6.45 am at the pope’s residence, where all worshippers attending mass will enter the chapel, short before His Holiness Pope Francis arrives. 

► CLICK HERE to attend a Holy Mass celebrated by Pope Francis in the Church of Saint Martha