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* Paper document sent by Registered Mail has PROBATIVE VALUE of evidence for all purposes of law and it is certified as a true copy of the original PDF created online, signed using an advanced electronic signature, time-stamped by a trusted third party (TSA), authenticated by digital stamping technology and preserved for a long term storage.


A Folded Self-Mailer prevents that the recipient claims to have received a clean sheet or a blank envelope


Letters securely sealed on all sides with secure tamper evident without being enclosed in an envelope


One piece sheet of paper printed on both sides, folded and sealed, by tearing along perforation


Orders placed by 2 pm GMT+1 are scheduled for printing, sealing and mailing the same business day



Advanced electronic signature

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Trusted timestamp

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Digital stamping technology

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Long term document storage service

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Multiple recipients

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Address validation

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Tracking and return receipt online

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Responsive web design

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Single dispatch Multiple dispatch
Economy Mail to Italy - from € 0,60
Priority Mail to Italy from € 2,17 from € 1,25
Registered Mail Next Day Delivery Guaranteed to Italy from € 9,76 from € 7,27
Registered Mail Next Day Delivery Guaranteed to Italy with return receipt from € 12,54 from € 9,47
Registered Mail to Italy from € 7,43 from € 4,62
Registered Mail to Italy with return receipt from € 8,47 from € 5,17
Telegram from € 4,18 from € 3,37