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We want you to become the master of your time by focusing on speed and practicality, eliminating the thing you most hate doing (queuing) from your life forever. in post) and helping you with the communications and practices that concern you most.

For this reason we only create fantastic online services with full legal value.

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LetteraSenzaBusta provides web browser-based tools for creating, personalizing and sending real letters to Italy as telegrams, priority mail or registered mail, from anywhere in the world, that will be deposited as italian domestic mail: we print your letter, seal it and deliver it to its final destination in Italy.

Key to our success is the fact that we are a trusted and accredited partner of the Italy's largest, longest serving, and most successful organizations dedicated to the delivery of letters to italian recipients: SailPost and Poste.

Your italian online post office to send real letters online to Italy

LetteraSenzaBusta is the number 1 post office in Italy, LetteraSenzaBusta allows you to send priority mail, telegrams and registered mail in a simple and fast way, without queuing in the mail. Discover the many services made available to you as Prioritaria Gold, the priority online mail with tracking and free delivery. A service that allows you to conveniently send any type of correspondence, using the text editor or uploading your PDF directly from your PC.

If you need to make a cancellation or cancel a cancellation Mediaset Premium you can use the recommended service without envelope, sending a secure and indisputable online registered mail with full legal value. Thanks to this service you can cancel RAI and Pay TV subscriptions, light, gas and water contracts, cancellation on current accounts and gym memberships.

You can write the document via text editor or scan and upload it in PDF format, or you can use the pre-filled forms. Just a few steps: fill out the form and sign the signature, then the software appends the Time Mark to the PDF to give a certain date and time and maintain the legal validity of the document. Thanks to the service of LetteraSenzaBusta also avoid complaints about the content of the registered letter, by the recipient.

Also with the online certain date service, the time stamping system, you can affix the certain date, with full legal value, to private entries, contract data and other documents.

Discover the other unmissable services of LetteraSenzaBusta to send online sales letters, paper direct marketing and sending of advertising material, directly from your PC, smartphone or tablet and without queuing in the mail!