About us

LetteraSenzaBusta.com provides web browser-based tools for creating, personalizing and sending real self-mailer letters online to Italy that will be deposited as italian domestic mail: it virtually eliminates the need for sorting, labeling, applying postage and transport to a post office.

Key to our success is the fact that we are a trusted and accredited partner of the Italy's largest, longest serving, and most successful organizations dedicated to the delivery of letters to italian recipients: SailPost and Poste Italiane.

LetteraSenzaBusta is a trade name of Innovatio Online Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, whose registered number is 09301098, Vat number GB206342932 and whose registered address is at Tallis House, 2 Tallis Street, EC4Y 0AB London (UK).

Thanks to our suppliers Mobysign Ltd and Land S.r.l. and to their services as Advanced Electronic Signature, Trusted Timestamp, Digital Stamping Technology and Long Term Document Storage Service, the paper printed document sent by Registered Mail has probative value of evidence for all purposes of law and it is certified as a true copy of the original PDF created online, by making our Registered Mail to Italy, the most effective and safe online service to send official and very important letters to Italy.