Electronic Seal

When you print on paper an electronic document as a PDF, that has been signed using an advanced electronic signature and time-stamped by a trusted third party, you destroy any legal validity of the electronic signature and the trusted timestamp.

The Electronic Seal is the only technology that legally ensures the integrity of an electronic document signed using an electronic signature and time-stamped, also if it will be printed on paper.

The Electronic Seal SecurePaper adds a small footprint stamp on PDF, which is formulated as a 2D barcode, as it utilizes multiple grayscale shades and it fills a void in digital signature technology pertinent to detecting, locating, and displaying areas of alterations, if any. The 2D barcode contains all the content of the electronic document included the advanced signature and the trusted timestamp, to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the document once printed on paper.

The authentication allows to verify the following information:


SecurePaper™: Our electronic seal




SecurePaper is the Electronic Seal that allows to extend the concept of digital trusted document from an electronic document signed using an electronic signature and time-stamped to a paper printed document; by that technology the paper document sent by Registered Mail has PROBATIVE VALUE of evidence for all purposes of law and it is certified as a true copy of the original PDF created online, signed using an advanced electronic signature and time-stamped by a trusted third party (TSA),




How to apply for the verification of the paper document sent by Registered Mail with the original PDF created online?

If you have received our Registered Mail and you would like to check the validity of the sender's Advanced Electronic Signature and get the copy of the original PDF, you have to follow these instructions:

  scan at 600 dpi the digital stamp on the Registered Mail
  download and install on your pc the software SecurePaper Viewer
  read the instruction manual to understand how the viewer works